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o you want to submit to Teen Collective?

Read this FIRST:
1. Read Terms of Use.
2. You must be at LEAST 13 and no more than 20 Years of Age. (No one younger than 13, PLEASE! If you are older than 20 check out Yes, it is for both men and women.)
3. Write like you talk. This is a BIG ONE! What do we mean? Well, when you write, pretend you are standing there talking to your best friend. Tell them your story like you would really say it. Write like you talk. Write like you talk. Write like you talk. We want YOUR voice not the one you wish or want to be. Your VOICE. Authentic. Real. Raw. Please do not submit us stories about how much you love a celebrity that writes for us. Please write YOUR STORY. In that story, please don’t PREACH or TEACH. Tell us YOUR experience. Tell us how it happened to you. What you see, how you felt. YOU! And remember, you will never be great if you are too worried about being good. Just write like you talk and everyone will connect with your writing.
4. Submissions must be at least 500 words. For essays and journalistic pieces 1,000-1,500 words is your sweet spot. Short Stories should be at least 1,000 words and no more than 5,000 words. Poems, well that is up to you. Keep in mind, if you are writing an opinion piece it is good to support your argument by citing research, studies, other writers, etc. If it is a personal essay or journal entry then no worries, if you are honest and write like you talk (see number 3), you are good. And remember, poems don’t have to rhyme. The only difference between poems and prose are line breaks!
5. Once you submit a story, please sit back and wait it out. Sorry if we do not respond right away. Submit once and be patient.
6. Submit your story as a word doc or PDF through Feminine Collective submissions.
7. Submitting Photos. If your piece is a photo set please just send us a few images (3) as a sample. AND send them low resolution, no larger than 3MB total in the email (for all images). If we want to see more, we will let you know. Final photo sets should have at least 4 photos, and tell a STORY – same theme. Ex. Themes: Beach, City at night, Backyards, Schoolyard, etc.
8. We also accept Reviews, but they have to be PROFESSIONAL! You can review bands, movies, plays, books, TV shows, etc. No restaurant reviews please.
9. Peruse our categories. This is what we accept. AND, look out for writing prompts, monthly themes, and call for submissions on our social media (instagram, twitter and facebook). Remember when you send to us you are giving us the right to publish on our site, and in anthologies forever. Read our Terms of use!
10. Okay. You’ve read the 9 items above and the Terms of Use. Now What? Visit Submissions at Feminine Collective and click on the link to submit.

Den Moms
We have what we like to call DEN MOMS available to answer questions AND edit your work. NO we will NOT rewrite your work. We will simply edit for grammar and punctuation. All writers need a good editor.

To send questions to Marla email Marla |at|
To send questions to Julie, email Julie |at|

Press check
Are you a member of the press, email us at listening |at|